Business Information Technology Consulting


Tom Franciosi has over 13 years experience in healthcare, 19 plus years in information technology management, and more than 30 years of using computers to solve complex problems. During his tenures he has planned and implemented process and technology solutions for companies in numerous industries. These industries include skilled nursing, institutional pharmacy, rehabilitation, hospice, mobile imaging, professional services, marketing, architectural, nuclear, university, publishing, nonprofit charity, and manufacturing. 

His experience includes serving on task-forces and committees that include strategic and tactical planning, technology oversight, HIPAA planning, acquisition and due diligence, disaster planning and response, SOX planning in support of an Initial Public Offering with three S1 filings, and public speaking to educate business leaders on how IT can help businesses. Mr. Franciosi has extensive experience in completing mergers and acquisitions of various sizes and complexity. These include several that allowed for internal payroll, clinical charting, and accounting systems to go-live the first day after the close of the sale.

While Tom is our principal and is capable of a wide range of tasks, we do have an array of partners and vendors that fill in gaps or specialize in a particular application or field that we don't.