Business Information Technology Consulting


​Business Leaders

Whether you're the CxO, a department head, or a line-of-business leader your daily job is a balancing act between competing pressures.  Stress over financial goals, performance metrics, audit demands, month-end statements, and the unexpected all vie for attention.   Regulations, disaster planning, and the alphabet soup of constantly changing Information Technology make you worry about how to best use your resources.  Perhaps it's your first time in charge of an information technology department or you find that technology demands are expanding exponentially in your company.  Regardless, you want some help.

CIO consulting services combined with an Technology Oversight Committee comprised of your people is a structure that we've used and seen used to help manage information technology in companies experiencing rapid changes due to mergers, acquisitions, venture capital ownership, IPOs, regulatory compliance challenge, or to support and direct a new system project.  Maybe that fits your needs, or maybe something smaller would serve better.  

We can put technical and business needs in plain language that you can use manage your areas of responsibility. Use this information to make sure you're getting what you are paying for and pass that along to your boss or to the board of directors. We've been through the minefield and can help you navigate.